It's official! SMAP is disbanding.

I guess it should not be a surprise that after all this time management officially says that SMAP is disbanding. They probably needed to milk the group as a whole for all their worth especially if they have contractual obligations.

It is going to be interesting to see who will be the successors of SMAP and how long can the successors stick together.

It feels like in the K-Pop and J-Pop world, groups are disbanding quickly and easily. I guess it is getting harder to stay both in the industry and on top of the charts.

I am curious as to what will these men be doing once they go solo. I don't think they will pursue further in their musicial careers. Perhaps they will now focus on being idols rather than idols who can sing.

I wonder how long they will stay as solo idols in JE before they change management.

The coming months and next year is going to be interesting to see what happens to SMAP members.

KAT-TUN on hiatus for 1-2 years after 1 May !?!?

Why is this happening?

It's bad enough they are losing Taguchi and he is not going to be performing at their 10th anniversary concerts. Now, they are going on hiatus after their tour !!!

I seriously don't buy into this thing that each member needs to recharge by doing solo activities. I feel like this is Johnny's way to cold storage them and later make them disappear gently so that fans will not be in an uproar.

KAT-TUN is my first and most favourite Johnny group but now not even 10 years, the group has fallen apart and reduce to half its members.

When Taguchi said he was leaving, I dread it would be NEWS all over again. But unlike NEWS where I have faith that they could survive with 4 members, I unfortunately did not and still do not have faith that KAT-TUN can survive with 3 members. This news only heightens my fears that there will be no more KAT-TUN.

Worst part, I still have not been able to go and see them perform at a concert which I have been wanting to do so badly ever since they debuted. I had thought that once Jin returned from US, I make an effort to see them perform with a complete set of members. But now 10 years later, it seems that the set has been broken into half it's original size :(

Of all the members, I wonder what will Ueda be doing for solo activity. He has never stood out in when doing solo activities by himself. Thus, I am really concern and worried about him.

Nakamaru, I think will have no problems doing variety shows or dramas but it is definitely going to be one tough sell as he has not been active in doing solo projects.

Kame will definitely survive with all the solo activities he has been doing. This makes me feel that at the end of the day perhaps he will be the only one which Johnny will keep if they terminate the group.

WHY !!!!! My heart is breaking and it's Valentine's Day !!!

The end of an era...

This shocking news that SMAP is being disband because everyone is going their own way is heartbreaking.

It's bad enough the year ended with the news that Taguchi is leaving KAT-TUN before their anniversary T_T. Now the year starts with a bang that SMAP is disbanding. WTH !!! What on earth is going in Johnny and Associates? At this rate none of my favourite groups will be left in tact.

With the disbandment of SMAP, it is really the end of an era. It seriously would be a miracle if any junior Johnny group as a whole from the time they debut stay in the company for as long as them.

I wonder how will this change the music scene since Johnny's have so much influence in the J-pop industry.

Unbreak my heart.....

For a group... no, for a person that I started me on the road to adding on another K-pop group to my list, he is really making my heart bleed right now.

Why did it have to be my #1? *sobs*

I'm not angry or upset with Duizhang.
I fully support him in whatever choices he makes.
At the end of the day being a singer and leader of a K-pop group is a job.
If one is not happy with their job, they have a right to quit.

I am quite surprise that it is affecting me this badly.
As long as I'm not doing anything or thinking, I can feel myself getting sad and start to tear up.
It's the end of Day 2 already.
I guess I feel the lost because I know I can never watch him perform again especially in an EXO only concert.
I was so looking forward to it.

Honestly, I should be use to it by now because it seem like almost each year or so, someone in one of my favorite boy bands quit.

One thing bad about SME, if you ever slap them with a lawsuit of any kind or leave them, it's a road of no return.
I didn't buy the idea that management will try to negotiate with him to keep him in EXO.

Honestly, you would think SME would be smarter and learn their lesson by now.
It's like the third incident to one of their popular groups.
Is it a cycle for SME in each generation?

I really hate it when leaders say "Everything will be okay." It's like a big neon sign confirming someone is leaving but I'm not telling you directly.
I blame this on Pi.
He really broke my heart with those words.

For that, I am really thankful that Johnny's does not have that policy.
You have no idea how happy I was the day Uchi return to Johnnys.
Both Uchi and Jin were lucky to be given a second chance.

Hopefully Day 3 will be better.
If not Eomma better have lost of tissues around when we meet.


This sucks....D-addicts is down

I don't know why but it has been 3 days and I still cannot get connected to D-addicts.

I am just hoping that the site has not been taken down.

Ever since Megaupload has been taken down, it has been really hard to get J-Pop, J-Variety and  j-Drama videos.
D-addicts has been my savior in that I am able to torrent from them quickly.

All other file sharing server such as Mediafire are a pain as one episode is broken into at least 5 files.
It takes me forever to download them.
Sometimes, the file doesn't download correctly and I have to waste time to re-download.

I hope that they start to operate soon.
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And there goes my weekend.....

Yesterday before I slept, I read Jaejoong's tweet and it was really weird.
But I thought nothing much of it aside that he must be falling ill due to all the travelling and etc he has been doing lately.

Today, when I get on twitter I get to know he has deleted his account.
No hints as to why or what cause it.

One thing is for sure is that I'm depressed.
Now I will not get to see cute and amusing Jaejoong selca's *pout*

I am definitely not amuse or happy today.
Tomorrow I am definitely going to make sure I have enough sweets to compensate when I go out with the girls.

Ourhour community

I am wondering since when ourhour community has been friend lock.

This would explain why I have not been receiving posts.
I didn't bother because I've been traveling so much.

Between traveling, MU getting shut down and work, I haven't had time to catch with my Japanese Doramas.

Seems now I need to go and find new sites on LJ for Japanese doramas since all my favorites decided to shut down or become friends only site.

Right now, I have no idea who should I be waving my fist at for my situation of not having sub Japanese dorama files to download.
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Strange message from Live Journal...

Today in the email I received the most strangest email from Live Journal.

Title of email:

Purging of your LiveJournal account

WTF!! Since when has my account been been an inactive empty account?
I've had this account for so long and there have been periods where I do not blog anything because there is nothing to blog about.

If I am not mistaken just last Friday or so, I posted something.
So how does this make my account an inactive empty account?
Must I do a once in a month blog to be active?

I really wonder how does the administrator monitor an "inactive empty account"

Well I have log into my account to 'active" it.
By the way, I hardly ever logged out of my account unless I am using someone else's pc or a public pc.
So you can imagine how often that is.

Today is a bad day for fandom...Megaupload shut down

Today is a bad day to wake up. Firstly, I'm getting more sick.  It started with a sore throat and now I think I have the flu and a mega headache starting.


Secondly, Megaupload is shutdown. There goes fandom.

I had planned to catch up on videos that I have not see of the boys. Now I cannot as one cannot download from Megaupload.

I cannot watch my Japanese dramas for this season and  it has YamaPi in it !!!

God, damn it!!!


Bloody Americans!! Those profit-oriented entertianment production companies. When they like it, they say must have freedom of speech and blah blah blah but when their profits are threaten , they start screaming illegal downloading and the need for stronger laws to stop it.


Now because of two stupid laws, it affets not just America but whole world. If they want to stop illegal downloading in their own country fine but from the way it is going with Megaupload, it seem the laws jurisdiction can go overseas in a very indirect way about things. In other words, the law does extend to overseas not just Amercian soil.


My day and weekend just went from bad to worst. God, damn it!!



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Koyama's message before Kchan NEWS

OMG!! It's so sad to hear Kei-chan's message.
His voice... it hurts me so much.

I am so use to hearing him sound all genki but in it he sounded so serious and sad.

His message is touching especially in the end.
I swear if I started liking NEWS because of Pi...right now, I think I have grown to love NEWS as a group.
Kei-chan's words just makes me want to support NEWS more than 100%.
I really want them so succeed.

Kei chan's words make me cry.
Right now the song Kibou~ Yell~  goes through my head.