snow_meow (snow_meow) wrote,

Unbreak my heart.....

For a group... no, for a person that I started me on the road to adding on another K-pop group to my list, he is really making my heart bleed right now.

Why did it have to be my #1? *sobs*

I'm not angry or upset with Duizhang.
I fully support him in whatever choices he makes.
At the end of the day being a singer and leader of a K-pop group is a job.
If one is not happy with their job, they have a right to quit.

I am quite surprise that it is affecting me this badly.
As long as I'm not doing anything or thinking, I can feel myself getting sad and start to tear up.
It's the end of Day 2 already.
I guess I feel the lost because I know I can never watch him perform again especially in an EXO only concert.
I was so looking forward to it.

Honestly, I should be use to it by now because it seem like almost each year or so, someone in one of my favorite boy bands quit.

One thing bad about SME, if you ever slap them with a lawsuit of any kind or leave them, it's a road of no return.
I didn't buy the idea that management will try to negotiate with him to keep him in EXO.

Honestly, you would think SME would be smarter and learn their lesson by now.
It's like the third incident to one of their popular groups.
Is it a cycle for SME in each generation?

I really hate it when leaders say "Everything will be okay." It's like a big neon sign confirming someone is leaving but I'm not telling you directly.
I blame this on Pi.
He really broke my heart with those words.

For that, I am really thankful that Johnny's does not have that policy.
You have no idea how happy I was the day Uchi return to Johnnys.
Both Uchi and Jin were lucky to be given a second chance.

Hopefully Day 3 will be better.
If not Eomma better have lost of tissues around when we meet.

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