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KAT-TUN on hiatus for 1-2 years after 1 May !?!?

Why is this happening?

It's bad enough they are losing Taguchi and he is not going to be performing at their 10th anniversary concerts. Now, they are going on hiatus after their tour !!!

I seriously don't buy into this thing that each member needs to recharge by doing solo activities. I feel like this is Johnny's way to cold storage them and later make them disappear gently so that fans will not be in an uproar.

KAT-TUN is my first and most favourite Johnny group but now not even 10 years, the group has fallen apart and reduce to half its members.

When Taguchi said he was leaving, I dread it would be NEWS all over again. But unlike NEWS where I have faith that they could survive with 4 members, I unfortunately did not and still do not have faith that KAT-TUN can survive with 3 members. This news only heightens my fears that there will be no more KAT-TUN.

Worst part, I still have not been able to go and see them perform at a concert which I have been wanting to do so badly ever since they debuted. I had thought that once Jin returned from US, I make an effort to see them perform with a complete set of members. But now 10 years later, it seems that the set has been broken into half it's original size :(

Of all the members, I wonder what will Ueda be doing for solo activity. He has never stood out in when doing solo activities by himself. Thus, I am really concern and worried about him.

Nakamaru, I think will have no problems doing variety shows or dramas but it is definitely going to be one tough sell as he has not been active in doing solo projects.

Kame will definitely survive with all the solo activities he has been doing. This makes me feel that at the end of the day perhaps he will be the only one which Johnny will keep if they terminate the group.

WHY !!!!! My heart is breaking and it's Valentine's Day !!!
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