snow_meow (snow_meow) wrote,

It's official! SMAP is disbanding.

I guess it should not be a surprise that after all this time management officially says that SMAP is disbanding. They probably needed to milk the group as a whole for all their worth especially if they have contractual obligations.

It is going to be interesting to see who will be the successors of SMAP and how long can the successors stick together.

It feels like in the K-Pop and J-Pop world, groups are disbanding quickly and easily. I guess it is getting harder to stay both in the industry and on top of the charts.

I am curious as to what will these men be doing once they go solo. I don't think they will pursue further in their musicial careers. Perhaps they will now focus on being idols rather than idols who can sing.

I wonder how long they will stay as solo idols in JE before they change management.

The coming months and next year is going to be interesting to see what happens to SMAP members.
Tags: fandom ranting, johnnys rant

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