I'm so upset and disappointed

Call me silly , call me childish.. I doesn't change the way I am feeling now.

I feel so sad.

After all this wait for over a year and I have been hoping that come winter NEWS might release a new single or album when this bomb drops....both YamaPi and Ryo are leaving NEWS.

What's worst both at the bloody same time!!!
How on earth can this happen?

Maybe management has learned after Jin's fiasco not to give any signs and that fans will not speculate.
But honestly, I rather have signs and then it wouldn't be so hard like it is right now.

Right now, I really wonder if NEWS can pull it off. Can the group survive without its two main anchors?
Imagine if this was KAT-TUN where both Jin and Kame left at the same time? Would the group have been able to survive until now?

People say not to blame Pi and not to blame Jin.
Honestly, I cannot help blame Jin.
Never in JE history has anyone pulled a stunt like Jin did.

If I didn't know better, I would say that Jin was a test for management to see if a group could survive without one of it's main vocals who is a popular member with the fangirls.

I suppose the test work if not why NOW after over 8 years management decides it's time to let Ryo decide which group he wants to focus on and at the same time take a leader out of a group and let him go solo.

Kinki Kids, Tackey and Tsubasa are groups whose members still do their own solo acts and release CDs but didn't leave the group and go solo. So why Pi is so special that he must leave NEWS to go solo?

For Ryo, I expected that management will make him go back to K8. Through this year's activities, I have been expecting that Ryo would leave. 3 members are now 30 and K8 will no longer be advertised in mags like WU, Duet, Potato monthly, I would milk K8 for all their worth to make sure I get as much investment back especially there are no younger debut groups aside from HSJ and KMF  who will take some time to bring in the money for management.

I'm thinking that the next step management might do is dissolve NEWS. You take out Pi, you take out Ryo. Tegomass can go on as a duo. And if I am not mistaken somewhere in one NEWS con KoyaShige was suppose to debut the next year. So why does NEWS need to survive?

What's upset me even more is this morning I wake up and on the JE official site, both Pi and Ryo's pictures have been taken out from NEWS. Management works really fast.

I swear Johnnys Entertainment is slowly turning to be just like how the Korean Entertainment  is with groups debuting and breaking up left and right.


Malaysia bans 10 file sharing websites including Megaupload

Malaysia has ban 10 file sharing sites in the name of curbing illegal downloading of movies including Megaupload. Since yesterday Megaupload cannot be used.

Today, the recording industry wants to ban another file-sharing site for illegal downloading of music.
Honestly, I cannot imagine the impact of illegal downloading of Malaysian artist songs on the Internet.
How many people honestly downloads them? Probably Malaysians and Indonesians as a majority.

Even countries like America, UK and even our "Kiasu" neighbor Singapore doesn't ban file sharing websites as a means of curbing illegal downloads.

I see this as a method to start to censorship of the Internet.
First, they come up with the excuse of illegal downloading of movies but "Hello",  there are people who uses these files sharing website for work.

How are you to transfer a file bigger than 4Mb across the Internet? Jaring (local service provider) doesn't allow an email attachment bigger than 4MB.
So the most logical way would be using a files sharing website.
It gives easy access that no matter where you are in the world, you can download and it can be shared with multiple users.

Since the government said that they will not censor the Internet, they have to come up with some excuse and this is it.

Slowly they will tighten their control on the Internet in the name of stopping illegal downloads or some thing else....but of course, it is not censorship.

Nevertheless it does stop flow of information, isn't that a form of censorship too?

Does anyone smell a conspiracy here?




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Watching Gokusen 1 & 2

Today I was watching Gokusen 1 & 2.

I guess feeling nostalgia.

I swear when I look at Oguri Shun in Gokusen I wonder how I ever thought he looked good there.

MatsuJun like usual always looks so cool when he is all clam and macho.

After watching about 3 Chapters I got bored and switched to Gokusen 2.

I swear of all the doramas I have seen Jin acting, he still looks the best in Gokusen 2.
I could see the Jin that made me fall in love with him before his American Dream took over him.
The cute and adorable Bakanishi.

I swear that I can never get over the scene where Kame appears the first time at the backdoor of the club.
I love how Kame looks there the moment he looks at Yankumi. His hair style, expression and dressing.
In that one moment Kame made me fall in love with him and it always happens when I watch that scene.

One thing I notice and I don't know if it is the audio quality or really Kame's voice but I swear his voice sounds really different in Gokusen 2.
It doesn't sound so high pitch. I don't know why but I get the feeling that his voice must be breaking then or he did something to his vocal cords that his voice now doesn't sound as deep as that anymore.

Okay, enough fangirl and walking down memory lane. I guess it being KAT-TUN's 5th Anniversary, I wanted a trip down memory lane to what made me search for them.

I think if Bakanishi never left KAT-TUN, there would have been another dorama that has AKame in it.
Somehow their chemistry is perfect on screen as Gokusen 2 proves it.

Streamyx is definitely capping

Streamyx is bloody capping bandwith.

I know that they said it is part of their Fair Usage Policy. To ensure that every user can use their service. WTF! 
If you cannot cope with the amount of subscribers, either upgrade your infrastructure or cap the amount of subscribers.
If you are doing it, bloody hell tell your customers that you are doing it not hide it.

I swear my download speed for the past 3 days is between 20-35kpbs.

I called Streamyx to complain about poor download speeds. Well, it is not like he is going to admit that they are capping when there is nothing wrong on their Streamyx speedtest. it says that I am getting download speeds of 1300- 1400 kbps and upload speed of 300-380 kpbs which is normal for my account.

My ping is wonderful too. Between 20-35ms.

Then kindly explain why suddenly my speed is so freaking slow.
I don't really want them to send the technician because the comes and waste my time of taking time off from work.
Every time the technician comes, his report writes it is the bloody server on Streamyx side.
I can write that report too.

I remember telling Sumomoyuki that TM will do something to push people to subscribe to UniFi. That is what the customer service person told me last time. I was asked to upgrade from 512k to 1 MB so that I can have faster speed and more constant connection. Hello, I have done that but now that UniFi is out my speed and connection is just as good as when I had 512k.
Too bad the customer service couldn't tell me that I should upgrade to UniFi as my area doesn't have it .,..yet!

Another reason I know they are capping because at work internet speed is superbly bad. Everyone at work is complaining about why suddenly internet connection is so bad.
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LJ purging inactive accounts

I wonder if Live Journal will make it that you needed to make one post a month in order to be considered an active account. All this to avoid being purged. *head desk*

This makes it almost as difficult as being in a forum where you have to make one post a month to be considered active.

I guess if they do make this ruling, you will start to see lots of random and nonsense post from me to keep my account alive. ^^
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I cannot get to see ROMES with subs !!

I just found out that SBK is going to subbed ROMES and they are the only ones doing it.

This sucks so much. It's not that I have anything against SBK. It's just that I cannot get my hands on their files since you need to join their forum in order to be able to download. Not only that you need to have at least one post a month there.

It cannot be just any kind of post such as comments or ranting or etc. It must be  "one complete post" about something.
I am not that free monthly to do a complete post. I'm sure ppl will beat me as I am like always the last in fandom to know things.

So I guess I will have no Ohyass dorama with subs to see. And I was so looking forward to their dorama... my OTP finally together in a drama series. One episode in Yasuko to Kenji wa not enough.

Not to mention it seems like only during doramas I get to see "manly" Shota. He dyes his hair darker and somehow seem to style his hair so much better. *sighs*
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Happy birthday Shota!!!

I swear sometimes since the beginning of the month my mind has been elsewhere.

For some reason I couldn't remember if Shota's birthday was on 11 Sept or 9 Nov. All I could remember in my head was 9/11 but which way do you read it? LOL

Then last night it was like an epiphany that I remembered that Shota is older than Ryo even though they are born in the same year. I recalled Ryo's birthday is like either 2 or 3 Nov. So today must be Shota's birthday. *phew*

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOTA !! I wish you many happy returns. 

I swear I cannot believe that he is a qurter of a century old. He doesn't look like it.

Okay, now for me to rant why I have been like in a daze so far.

On the day that both Ryo and Pi got sick together ( well that is my theory. If not how can they have caught the flu one day apart?)... my bloody pc got sick with a virus too. To be more specific a bloody trojan. Since then I have been in like limbo about it.

Even thought I have scan and updated my anti-virus and gotten rid of the bugger, I'm not 100% convinced that it is gone. I have Googled and searched on the internet about it and they say this and that and my final conclusion is that I need to reformat my pc. Not to mention, after that incident weird things are happening to my pc. I have to reinstall my audio software and my pc like is slower than before opening ... those kind of stuff.

This is where the fun starts, I cannot find the OS disc. I searched the whole house and such. Eventually it's with my brother's friend. So now I have to go and reformat my pc hopefully sometime this weekend and that pisses me off. I wanted to do it last weekend as we had a long weekend and I am freaking slow when it comes to PC things.

Well hopefully I will managed to get rid of my problems with technology *sighs*

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I swear  tatsubelle owes me big time doing her stupid meme.

I hate doing memes because I really hate when I have to Lj-cut on LJ. For some reason LJ formatting isn't all that great like it use to be.

So here it goes....
Collapse )

I hope I got it right.

I am using this wallpaper because I got bored of my old wallpaper.
This is one of the recent wallpaper of Pi which is what I wanted.
It is also one of the wallpaper that can actually fit nicely my monitor which is 1680x1050.
I choose this wallpaper because I love how Pi looks in it. I love his hairstyle here.
I like the background and Pi looks so relax and natural in this setting.

Now I need to go and find out where does this picture comes from. I want a sharper image so that I can get a wallpaper for my ketai too.

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Romeo-Ueda ranting ...^___^

Last weekend I had the most unusual or enlightening conversation with my cousins who came from Australia. We were discussion about your trips to Japan and were we would like to visit on our next visits.

I told my cousins that I went to Kobe and was asked why did I go there. I told them for a concert and was asked who was it that I saw. I told Kanjani8 a group from Johnnys. My girl cousin asked me who are Johnnys? My reply was it's an entertainment company which produces the largest number of boy J-Pop groups.

To my surprise my boy cousin said " Oh, you mean like Hey Say Jump?" I was thinking in my head "WTF?!?! How on earth do you know Hey Say Jump?". Instead I asked him how does he know HSJ. He said classmates. Apparently his school is 80% Asian and they know HSJ.

Can you imagine how shocked and old I felt? It's like when I first started in fandom when you said "Johnnys" , the immediate respond was Arashi, T&T, KAT-TUN, NEWS or K8. Now it's HSJ?!?! O_O

Then today's surprise. I finally decided that I will order KAT-TUN's Live Documentary Photobook " Break the Records". I called Kinokuniya to place my order. I told the guy I wanted to order " KAT-TUN Live Documentary Photobook". His reply " Break the Records?"

I was like "Eh? Yeah." I am surprise that he asked me that. Usually they have no idea when I order stuff unless its Arashi's. So I take it as a sign that there must be a lof of people ordering it for him to know or remember what it is.
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